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About Us

After a long process of preparation consisting of data collection, study and selection of appropriate models to be applied to the various leagues that have been analyzed, we are pleased to announce that the web-site is active.

It is a realization of BEST BET- The Italian Betting Advice.

Inside the web-site, you will find at your disposal the tools that can be useful to work best in the complex world of betting. This web-site is composed by several sections. In the page Our forecasts you will find the predictions made ​​in the past three years, subdivided by leagues with some summary statistics. The section Consultancy/Costs and services, shows the characteristics of the three lines to offer advices and related costs.

Beware of the section Promotions where you will find our initiatives, discounts, and much more.

Enjoy our web-surfing. BEST BET- The Italian Betting Advice

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