The first Italian consultancy for the professional betting

Who we are

BEST BET – The Italian Betting Advice was born from an idea by a group of statisticians in love with football and sports in general. Our aim was and it is to create something that would overcome the current logic with which various online betting sites are managed. One of our guidelines is and will always be:


Neither brokers nor maidens dressed more or less as you see around. Who starts to use our service will be conscious of receiving professional advices. Our work is aimed at all those who believe that the betting should be dealt seriously and with a spirit of sacrifice. With this perspective, we have developed some operating series of mathematical models using proprietary software, which have allowed us to obtain results for the championship 2013-14 that you can see on our Facebook page
or in the special section dedicated to
our forecasts.


December 2012

After the creation of a Facebook page that bears our name and our logo, it was proved to be significantly successful with posts seen by more than 4000 people, and with a average catchment area of 2200 people per week.

Jannuary 2013

A GoogleBlogger with our name and our logo receives visits not only from Italy, but from all over the world (USA, UK, RUSSIA, GERMANY, IRELAND, KAZAKHSTAN, INDONESIA), and it has over 500 visits with an average of 30 visits to the post.

April-May 2014

With the introduction of betting exchanges in Italy, the construction of this web-site started.

Thank you.